Terrae Finis Photo Page
Here are 40 assorted pictures scanned by Elayne and Gwyn.

Young Alex at New Years Eve 1997 Lord Alexander at Ravenslake Event 1999 Ever the fool... Lord Benedick at Jubilee 1997

House Jaguar at Pennsic XXIV Lorde Cerian at Thunder III Chen at his elevation Chen takes the baldric

Crown May 1999 Nice Garb 1998 Elayne Crown Oct 1995 Sean and Ix go golfing

Genvor 1996 Gunvor in Illiton Gwen in Crown May 1997 Commander Gwen

Gwyn has fun with hair Ix at Maidens 1996 War is Fun! Konrad at Thunder III

Marie and Duncan 1999 Marie in combat The Midlands Army Pennsic XXVIII Pippy Vargas

Allison in PJs Rory and Aileen at Jubillee 1997 Rory in Militiapiece Theater What a man!

Squires in formation Advanced Skills The St Baile Girls Dashing Young Men

What a Spainard! What is Vargs doing to that dog? X - The original mascot

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